Adoption success stories of dogs in New Paltz, NY


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"We're making their lives better, and they're
making our
lives better."


"We're making their lives better and they're making our lives better."

Why Adoption?

Every year, 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters and humane societies. 1.6 million of those dogs get adopted, but 1.7 million dogs don’t. Which means every year, about 670,000 dogs have to be euthanized because shelters can’t afford to care for them.

Pups of the Paltz aims to advocate for the 1.7 million dogs that remain in shelters every year because people purchase their dogs from breeders or stores instead of adopting them due of misconceptions they hold about shelter dogs. Through exploring the stories of dogs who have been adopted and sharing the love and value they’ve added to their owner’s lives, I hope to show people the value of adoption and to make shelters and humane societies their first resource when looking for a dog, instead of their last.



The Dogs