Adoption success stories of dogs in New Paltz, NY

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Photograph © Claudia Krebs

Photograph © Claudia Krebs

Hey, my name is Tara DuNaier, and I'm the creator of Pups of the Paltz. Always a dog-lover but never a dog-owner, I’ve gotten my fill of dogs over the years from dog walking, dog sitting, and making friends with as many dog owners as I can. I’ve created dog-based art before (one gigantic paper-cutting of a golden retriever, several smaller acrylic paintings of friend’s dogs, and many amateur photographs of dogs looking both regal and adorably stupid), but never before this project have I dedicated this much time and artistry into my passion for dogs.

I’ve followed my love for art and writing since I was young, and in college I found my desire to design. I owe everything I know to the wonderful professors who taught me for years and helped me every step of the way in all of my journeys, from my senior thesis to making it out of college with my mental and physical health intact.

In my time not spent with designing or playing with dogs, I’m either sleeping, horseback riding, or volunteering my time into making the world a better place for the people and dogs in it. If you have comments on this project, other work I’ve done, or career-related inquiries, you can contact me at