Adoption success stories of dogs in New Paltz, NY




Interview with Ron C.

Seven Years Old  |  Husky Sheltie and Other Mix  |  Pets Alive


Three years ago, Ron and his wife went looking for a dog. They had lost the second dog that they had adopted and raised from a puppy, and after ten months of grieving and living in a quiet house, they knew it was time for another dog. They found one they liked at Pets Alive and they went to see it, but at the meeting they didn’t quite connect. They asked the rescue if they had any other older dogs, and that’s when Ani came out.

"When we first adopted her they took a picture and you can see she's jumping around really, really happy. And we were really happy too, to get a dog again."

They took her for a walk and their fates were set; they wanted her and she wanted them. Her first time in the car heading home she laid quietly and waited to arrive, and when they got there she stayed just as reticent. Once she realized she was staying with them, however, she grew warmer and more alive. When she went back into the car, she stuck her head out the window and moved from side to side to look at everything they passed.

"She's very, very friendly."

Ani’s biggest quirk is the way she plays - she acts possessive over objects near her and growls when her owners reach for it, but if they put their hand on or near her mouth, she brightens up immediately and licks them. After three years of messing with her, Ron still isn’t too sure how serious she is when she plays. When she’s not playing, Ani spends her time running around the dog park, hiking with Ron, or running alongside as he bikes. She loves meeting new people and just getting out to see the world.


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