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Interview with Dimitry T.

Eleven Years Old  |  Pitbull Mix  |  Social Tees Animal Rescue


Dimitry found Denali through Social Tees in the East Village. He was already fostering one dog with them when he decided he wanted another - they thought him and Denali would get along so they set them up. When Dimitry went and picked him up, the two spent about twenty minutes eyeing each other in the car, each not too sure what to make of the other one. But then Denali moved up into the front seat and laid his head on Dimitry’s lap, and all of the doubt and anxiety they had both been feeling faded away. After that, the two got along great.

"Laying on the couch with him in my lap is probably a really good way to spend my life."

When Dimitry first got Denali, he looked and acted a lot older than he was. He had a bad case of arthritis and it showed, but since he's been with Dimitry his health has improved dramatically and he’s far happier.

Both a grunter and a snorer, Denali’s strangest quirk is that he absolutely hates water. He’s not particular about it either: he hates rivers, lakes, and rain all the same. He has to be wrangled into the tub during bathtime and only drinks a little bit of water from his bowl each day.

"Dogs kind of love unconditionally; I'm his whole existence and I appreciate that and I think he does too."

Though he’s a pretty relaxed dog, when guests come to the house he starts playing with all of his toys and showing off how fun of a dog he can be. He brings joy to his owner and everyone he meets, and often prompts conversation from other people and dog owners on his outings. Denali spends most of his time watching television on the couch, chewing the squeaker out of every squeaky toy he finds, and walking around the neighborhood.


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