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Gino and Gemma


Gino and Gemma

Interview with Cara K.

Four Months  |  Hound Mix  |  Take Me Home Pet Rescue


Rescued from a high-kill shelter in Charlottesville, North Carolina by Take Me Home Pet Rescue, Cara found Gino and Gemma in a foster home near New Paltz. Mourning the loss of two dogs in one year, Cara and her family put in applications at numerous shelters and kept a continuous eye on the dogs that came in. She first spotted Gino in a Facebook post by Take Me Home, but when she went to meet him he was withdrawn and stand-offish. His foster explained it was because his sister wasn’t in the room with him, and they had never been apart. Cara asked them to bring out his sister and once she saw them together she knew she had to take them both.

"We're making their lives better and they're making our lives better."

Now happily living with Cara, her husband, and their three little boys, Gino and Gemma have become part of the family. Saved from a horrific fate, they’ve been returning the favor by bringing unprecedented joy and energetic companionship to a hurting family. Both dogs love greeting the boys when they come home from school, running up to them as soon as they get in the house and curling up on the couch to snuggle with them. Even though they’re gated into specific rooms until they’re potty-trained, Gino’s favorite pastime is escaping through the gates and stealing the boy’s stuffed animals from upstairs. Not good enough to get away with it, once Gino gets caught he happily returns to wrestling with his sister and playing with his three little humans.


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