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Kate and Gibbs


Kate and Gibbs

Interview with Gary C.

Six Years Old  |  Labrador Mix  |  Ulster County SPCA


Kate and Gibbs were adopted from the Ulster County SPCA by Gary and his family about six years ago. Living on a farm, they always kept two dogs at a time and staggered their ages, and after putting down their older dog and only having a middle-aged dog, they were due for a new puppy. They met Kate and Gibbs, both about fourteen weeks but from different stray litters, and after being unable to choose between them they decided to take them both home.

"He's such a fruity guy. Kate's kind of the opposite - she's kind of a mush. Just lays there and looks at you, and licks you."

Kate and Gibbs came home and learned the ropes from the older dog on the property, Woody. Once they grew up a little, they got the run of the place. Now, Kate goes out during the day to run around and play, and Gibbs goes out at night to run around and keep the property safe. In the early morning Gibbs greets Gary as he goes up to the barn, and spends his time jumping in the wheelbarrows and helping to push the grain cart. At night Kate comes inside and curls up on the old recliner with Gary, and watches TV until it’s time to sleep. The two dogs aren’t allowed out at the same time, because every time they’re both out they run off and get up to trouble.

"...any of those dogs just add life to the situation."

Though they were adopted together, they’re notably different. Kate’s a mush, greeting everyone she meets on the farm with a wagging tail and a shy kiss. She almost never barks or makes a sound, and has little reaction around food. Gibbs is a psycho full of energy, and greets everyone he meets with a bounding step and a slobbery tongue. Both love to be with people and run around the farm they call home.


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