Adoption success stories of dogs in New Paltz, NY

Lola D


Interview with Daniella D.

About two years old  |  Lab/Pit/Terrier mix  |  Care of Duchess County


Originally intending to adopt another dog she had put in an application for, Daniella D. discovered Lola at an adoption fair in Poughkeepsie in the heat of the summer. She had put in an application for a different dog, but upon meeting him she struggled to establish a connection with him. On her way out of the fair, she heard crying and stopped to listen. She discovered Lola, crammed into a crate far too small for her, watching her puppies get adopted right in front of her and whining desperately as they left. Daniella knew she was the one—she took her out and told her “you’re never going to go back in a crate.”

"I can’t imagine my life without her."

Lola lived the beginning of her life on the streets of Mississippi, and was found as a pregnant, mange-covered stray. A very kind and mellow dog, Lola probably experienced some degree of human interaction and care when she was young. Once she was found she was brought to a shelter where she had her puppies. Both her and the puppies were brought up to New York, where they were all eventually adopted.

"If I didn’t have her I’d probably be in the process of looking for her and we would have met somehow."

When Lola first came home, she was sick, skinny, lethargic, and exhausted, and spent the whole first two days sleeping. After a heartworm treatment and a lot of care, Lola recovered and discovered how wonderful life can be. Lola now lives happily with her two humans, Daniella and Carter, and spends her days exploring the outdoors and napping in her dog bed. Not possessive or aggressive, Lola has come out of her shell to become quite social and a little quirky. She greets every day with a wagging tail, and can get so excited playing fetch that she forgets the stick entirely and just starts running in circles. She’s unreactive to children tugging on her or people taking her things, and is simply happy to be alive and out of a cage.


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