Adoption success stories of dogs in New Paltz, NY

Lola M



Interview with Mahira G.

One Year Old  |  Fox Terrier Mix  |  Pawsafe


One day last year, after an anxiety-ridden college semester, Mahira G. woke up and decided she couldn’t live without a dog any longer. She went online immediately, and browsed through different shelters and dogs until she found a few dogs she liked at Pawsafe. They were about an hour away so she made an appointment and headed out to meet the dogs. She had picked Lola out because of the picture she saw of her little face and her gigantic ears, and when she saw her quiet and shaking in the corner of her cage she knew that Lola was the one for her.

"She's just a little scoundrel. She's hilarious, and I love her for that."

On the ride home Lola shook for the first half hour, before finally realizing where she was heading and that she was safe, and nestling into Mahira’s arms. And where Mahira has given her safety and security, Lola has returned it tenfold. With affection, empathy, and compassionate trust, Lola has helped Mahira move beyond the horrible panic attacks and persistent anxiety she was experiencing before getting Lola. After seeing how life-changing adopting her was, Mahira registered her as an emotional support animal so that Lola would be able to help her no matter where they went.

"When she stretches her neck she tenses up her whole entire face and it looks like she got Botox. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen in my whole entire life and I love it so much."

Since coming home Lola’s true personality has come out, and it is really something. Her favorite place to sleep is next to Mahira, nestled into the crack between the bed and the wall. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, but her curiosity and dedication to playtime made her quick to find a way into and onto everything. Because the garbage and the counters weren’t exciting enough, Lola managed to escape out of Mahira’s window and onto the roof one day. She had the time of her life just looking around and watching the neighborhood, until someone spotted her and got her back inside. Now she spends her time running around the house and watching out the window for her owners.


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