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Interview with Rebecca J.

Eleven Years Old  |  Australian Shepherd Mix  |  Friend


When Rebecca was a junior in college, a man came into the barn she worked at with a bucket full of puppies. His dog had a litter of puppies that he wanted to get rid of, and if they weren’t taken by people at the barn, it sounded like their fate wouldn't end well. Worried about what might happen the the puppies, Rebecca took the only blue merle colored one.

Almost immediately, Rebecca started reconsidering her decision. While everyone else cradled their quiet sleeping puppies, hers wiggled around, knocking her glasses off and ripping a hole in her riding pants. The whole first day her puppy whined and cried and moaned, and Rebecca quickly decided that that would be her name.

"I like Mona because I feel like she's very empathetic. I think she's more in tune with people than she leads on."

Mona is super smart and very active, and when she's been exercised she’s a great listener. She loves everyone, and just wants to hang out and play with whoever she’s around. She lets out a nice loud bark whenever someone shows up at the house, but she doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body. Her intelligence gets her into a lot of trouble, and leads her into getting inside closed doors and onto counters and chewing up a lot of things she shouldn’t. In the car she whines the entire time, anticipating where they’re going and thinking they’ve arrived there every time the car comes to a stop. Every time she sneezes, she sneezes so hard that her head hits the ground.

Two years ago, Mona was diagnosed with lymphoma. During a game of fetch in the summer Rebecca noticed her limping, and when she rolled her over she found that some of her lymph nodes were swollen and had turned purple. Rebecca took her to the vet and they discovered that she had cancer throughout her entire body.

"She had cancer, so like when I thought she was dying, she got whatever she wanted."

Feeling that taking care of Mona was her first responsibility as an adult but also her most important responsibility as a human, Rebecca decided to spend the time and the money to put Mona through chemotherapy. Mona took the treatment like a champion, and managed to overcome her lymphoma with no dampening of her energetic personality. She still spends her time running circles around the yard and chasing anything that moves.


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