Adoption success stories of dogs in New Paltz, NY




Interview with Elisa V.

Three Years Old  |  Beagle, Fox Terrier, Chow Mix  |  Sullivan County SPCA


Oliver, officially Oliver Diggle the Wiggle Butt, was adopted by Elisa about two years ago. During a rough bout in high school, Elisa declared to her mom that it was time for them to get another dog, and this one was going to be hers. After combing through pages of shelter dogs, she found Oliver at the Sullivan County SPCA. She forced her mom to go and see him and a few others, and out of all the dogs that day he was the happiest to see her.

"He's actually sprained his tail from wagging it too much."

The day of his adoption, they picked him up and then headed to McDonalds. Even with all of the enticing aromas in the car, Oliver just curled up next to Elisa and set his head in her lap, not even looking at the food in his relief of finally having a family.

Despite knowing none of his history other than the state he came from before arriving in New York, Oliver is the same dog he was when Elisa brought him home from the shelter. His biggest flaw is that he’s a nervous urinator - while he used to get nervous around men and let his bladder go, now he can usually contain it unless he’s caught off guard. Not a morning dog, sometimes Elisa’s dad simply greeting him in the wee hours can set him off.

"No matter what, he's always happy to see me. Even if he thinks I'm mad at him, he's still happy to see me."

Oliver spends his time with Elisa, her boyfriend, and their two other dogs Willow and Loki. His days are passed with lots of running and playing, and his nights pass with a healthy dose of snuggling with his family. He still greets Elisa with a big grin and a wagging tail everytime she comes home, and his favorite way to lay is with all of his legs stretched out and his tail up in the air like a sail.


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